Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CIC Offers Shared Access to Courses - FELP No Longer Available

Sharing Access to Courses CIC institutions have a long history of sharing faculty expertise by making specialized courses available to students from member universities.

CourseShare: CourseShare allows students to take specialized courses offered at other CIC institutions from a distance, eliminating the need to temporarily relocate. The CourseShare framework allows students to register for inter-institutionally shared courses at the same time and in the same way as regular courses.

Traveling Scholar Program: This program allows doctoral students to spend up to a full academic year pursuing specialized courses of study, researching unique library collections, and working in advanced laboratories and facilities at other CIC institutions —with no change in registration procedures from their home university or additional tuition.

The popular Foreign Language Enhancement Program (FLEP) is no longer offered as of 2011. The CIC Foreign Language Enhancement Program (FLEP) provided scholarships to help graduate students take advantage of less commonly taught languages not available at their home university, but offered at another participating CIC member university.

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