Thursday, March 24, 2011

GPSO Announces Spring 2011 Travel Award Winners


Released March 23, 2011

Each semester the GPSO offers a competitive, financial award for graduate and professional students to help support academic travel. The award covers expenses for events that promote academic and professional development, such as conferences, workshops, competitions and auditions. Funds may be used for registration fees, presentation materials, transportation costs, lodging and per diem expenses. The recipients are selected through a competitive, merit-based process in which an independent panel of fellow graduate and professional students review and assess anonymous applications. The GPSO would like to congratulate the following award recipients:

Spring 2011 GPSO Travel Award Winners:

Shingo Hamada, Anthropology
Viridiana Benitez, Psychology
Alexander Tatarinov, Music Strings
Philip Haralam, Fine Arts
Daniel Yurovsky, Psychology
Jennifer Jones, Communications and Culture
Jillian Rickly-Boyd, Geography
Nicholas Hersh, Music Conducting
Sarah Dees, Religious Studies
Gwen Arnold, SPEA
Olga Rass, Psychology
Joseph Harsh, Education Curriculum and Instruction
Chelsea Hamm, Music Theory
Nzingha Kendall, African American and Africa Studies

The GPSO Travel Awards are made possible by generous support from the University Graduate School. More information about travel awards can be found at The Graduate and Professional Student Organization is the formally recognized government for graduate and professional students at Indiana University Bloomington.

Contact Information:
Angela Jones, GPSO Communications Coordinator
803 8th St , Bloomington, IN 47408