Friday, September 10, 2010

GPSO "Even Exchange" Course Change Proposal Now In Action

For graduate students needing to change a course in the second week of classes, life just got easier.

A proposal initiated by the Graduate and Professional Students Organization, dubbed the “even exchange” policy, was endorsed by the Bloomington Faculty Council in April, 2009, and approved by the Provost and VPCFO. After a challenging modification to the SIS tuition calculation program, the more generous course change policy is now in place.

Stating it in its most simplified form, it permits a graduate student (not in a program with a flat fee) to exchange one class for another of equal credit hours without any net tuition charge as long as the dropped and added classes are submitted in the same transaction during the second week of classes. Students will be charged the standard $23 Late Schedule Change Fee, and the dropped course will still carry a W in the academic record. This is a modification to financial policy only. As with most of our policies, however, there are a few little requirements that need to be met.

Read the full policy: