Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Graduate Student Information Fair: Orienting new students to IU

New graduate students have the opportunity to find out more about academic, student life and community resources through the "Get Oriented" Graduate Student Information Fair.

On August 26, 2010, new graduate students were invited to the Graduate Student Information Fair at the Main Library -- an event to bring together campus resources and communities of interest.

“It’s the heart of orientation week,” said Peter Thoresen, Operations Coordinator for the Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO), “because it begins community building right away.”

“Graduate school can be isolating.  It’s important for graduate students to meet students in other departments, not only for interdisciplinary networking, but also to engaging students in the greater IUB commmunity,” Thoresen said.

The GPSO also offers to visit departmental orientations and present on community graduate resources.  The program began two years ago, Thorenson said, and more than 50 departments took them up on the offer this year.

“Orientation activities provide a great annual opportunity for departments to partner with UGS, the GPSO, and the university libraries.”