Friday, March 23, 2012

GPSO Announces Spring 2012 Travel Award Winners

The IU Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO) proudly congratulates the following students as winners of the Spring 2012 Travel Award:

  • Nicholas Best, History and Philosophy of Science
  • Lisa Borrero, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
  • Kathryn Boucher, Psychology
  • Quetzal Class, Psychology
  • Anne Fiala, Fine Arts
  • Candice Grant, Education
  • Steve Green, Psychology
  • Savannah Hall, English
  • Joo Hyung Kim, Political Science
  • Elizabeth Konwest, Anthropology
  • Yilmaz Koylu, Second Language Studies
  • Gloria Maleski, Geography
  • Michael Miragliotta, Music
  • David Riese, Geological Sciences
  • Tiffany Roman, Education
  • Laura Seger, History and Philosophy of Science
  • Benjamin Taylor, Music
  • Ashley Viager, Education

A total of 104 IU graduate students submitted complete, valid applications, which were reviewed by the GPSO Travel Awards Committee. The GPSO Travel Award is offered through a competitive process for graduate and professional students at Indiana University Bloomington. It is given to help support travel expenses to conferences at which the student's work will be presented (i.e., speeches, posters, or interactive design), or to help support travel to workshops, special trainings, competitions, and auditions that will benefit the student professionally. Funds may be used for registration fees, presentation materials, transportation, and lodging/food associated with the conference, workshop, training, competition, or audition.

This year, the GPSO was able to offer more Travel Awards than in previous years, with a total of 36 Travel Awards for the 2011-2012 academic year, each at $500.

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