Friday, March 9, 2012

Seven Doctoral Students Travel to South Korea for an IU AGEP Professional Development Tour

From the left: Leah Davis, Deidre Redmond, Dr. Yolanda Treviño, Nikole Miller, Dr. Maxine Watson, Nancy Ortiz.
This spring break, seven IU doctoral students along with University Graduate School  Dean Maxine Watson and Dean Yolanda Treviño, are headed to South Korea for a professional development tour.

Hosted by Sungkyunkwan University (, the travelers will spend the week of March 8 to March 18, 2012, learning about the higher education system in South Korea and experiencing what it would be like to work abroad. Each student will be giving a presentation to SKKU colleagues in their discipline.

The visit is being sponsored by the IU AGEP program with the goal of increasing global literacy, gaining exposure to specialized training and practical experiences outside of the U.S., and increasing opportunities for international collaboration for a small group of advanced doctoral underrepresented minority students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

The travelers:
  1. Jose Lugo Martinez
  2. Lewis Jones
  3. Leah Davis
  4. Nikole Miller
  5. Deidre Redmond
  6. Nancy Ortiz
  7. Alfonse, Pham
Note from the University Graduate School: We will be following along with the students as they learn about SKKU and South Korea. Look for an update and photos upon their return!